Loose leaf Herbal Teas for healing 


Detoxify-Me (Detox Blend) - Peppermint, lemon balm, milk thistle, black walnut, burdock root, nettle


Baby Mamma (Fertility Blend) - Raspberry leaf, wild yam, milk thistle, chaste tree, burdock root, nettle


Oh My Horror-mones (Hormone Balancing Blend) - Wild yam, lemon balm, sage, dandelion root, licorice


Baby Love (Healthy Pregnancy Support Blend) - Red Raspberry Leaf, hibiscus, nettle, lemon balm, peppermint


Sweet, Sweet Love (Sexual Energy/Libido Blend) - Damiana, Hawthorne Leaf, sarsaparilla, strawberry Leaf, hIbiscus, nettle


Fibroid Defense (Fibroid Detox Blend) - Dandelion, witch hazel, chaste tree, red raspberry, red clover, damiana, burdock root


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Herbal Tea Blends