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©2018 by Her Secret Garden. 

This all natural and 70% organic cookie shaped soap is truly divine at helping you establish a proper pH and odor free V!

It will leave your lady parts smelling sweet like a cookie, thus the smooth edge round cookie shape we gave this special soap. Your curvy round smooth new bestie soap has the ability to keep your pH normal thus a fresh clean V all day long. This natural soap does not sting, it is soothing and refreshing) It will leave your lady parts smelling sweet and odorless, just FRESH, no perfumes or crazy chemicals. It neutralizes the bacteria’s that cause odor.


Instructions: Can be used directly on the V area and also lathered in your hands and applied to the V area. Rinse gently.


Ingredients: Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, organic aloe juice, sodium hydroxide, rhassoul clay, organic goats milk probiotics, organic lemongrass essential oil



Sweet Cookie- Yoni Bar: Natural Cleansing Feminine Bars